High School
Elementary School

Support Services

School Nurse
It is mandatory that students are covered by the school’s Insurance Plan. TCHS accepts no responsibility for accidents either on campus, en route to campus or on school-organized field trips.  Students are supervised on campus and as far as possible, hazards are eliminated.  In the case of an emergency, the parents/guardians will be contacted by the school.

Parents are advised to inform the school of any illnesses or disabilities that their child/children may have so that proactive measures may be taken to avoid hazardous situations.

The School Clinic is supervised by the School Nurse who seeks to promote and protect the optimal health status of students.  The nurse provides ongoing medical care during school hours, health education and health counseling for all students.  If a child is feeling ill during school hours, he/she will be referred to the nurse for treatment. Parents/guardians will be contacted in extreme cases.


Guidance Counseling Services

The services of the Guidance Counselor are available to all students.  Referrals may be made by parents/guardians, administration, teachers or the students themselves.

Referrals may be made for the following reasons:

Consistent decline in grades
Constant tardiness
Sudden decline in grades
Erratic performance
Personal/Physical  well being
Psychological well-being

In all cases, the Guidance Counselor works with the student and home to ascertain the root of the problem(s) and then poses a solution(s).


Campus Security

  • All visitors (including former students) MUST report directly to the office.
  • Teachers will not release students from the classroom to meet with any visitor without the permission of administrators.
  • Messages to students are relayed through the office.
  • Outsiders are not allowed in the vicinity of the classrooms.
  • Students who wish to leave campus during school hours must present a signed note from their parents/guardians.
  • Parents/guardians who send other adults to collect their child/children must send written permission.
  • The school accepts responsibility for students from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.