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Temple Christian School Key Club

The Key Club is a non-profit organization that was birthed out of the Kiwanis Club of Nassau A.M. It is committed to:

  • Producing leaders
  • Developing character and
  • Building self-confidence


What Do We Do?


Key Club members also lend a helping hand to those who need it. They understand the importance and significance of leadership, so they train our club members in this field. They teach them the value of authority and the principles of exemplary leadership. One of their many themes is, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” As leaders, who will be entering the world on their own one day, they work together to develop character and build self-confidence.


They have witnessed how members, after talking to one another about the things that they have gone through, have really built up their confidence levels so much so that they have become more socially responsible and sure of themselves.





Key Club members do not take this task lightly. As members, they learn how to achieve their dreams and goals. Before students graduate from Temple Christian High, they understand what Club members stand for: Character, Leadership, Academics, and Service (C.L.A.S.).