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Temple Christian High Prefect Body

Prefects are chosen each year from grades eleven (11) and twelve (12) to assist teachers in various supervisory duties on a daily basis, particularly on campus and during Chapel services.  Prefects must be familiar with school rules and exhibit positive attitudes.  They have the authority to write up Discipline/Referral forms for infractions that contravene school rules.





Serving as a prefect is considered an honor. It does much to encourage and develop positive and responsible attitudes/behaviors.  All prefects must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a practicing Christian
  • Must possess leadership qualities especially in exercising justice and fair play
  • Have accumulated less than two (2) demerits in the year prior to being selected
  • Should maintain a C average or higher in their academic work
  • Must be punctual, dependable, polite and courteous
  • Must set a good example at all times both on and off campus


The Administration and Prefect Committee make the final selection of all Student Council leaders and prefects.