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Pre & Elementary Parent/Teacher Fellowship


2018-2020 Elementary PTF Executive Committee Members. Pictured at the elementary PTF Meet and Greet are (left to right) Ms. Inga Saunders (Secretary), Mrs. Ghandi Thompson (Assistant Treasurer), Ms. Alisa Hutcheson (Treasurer), Ms. Krystle Maycock (President), Mr. Kevin McDonald (Vice President), Mrs. Laurel Hamilton (Chaplain), Ms. Kendra Moss (Public Relations) and Mrs. Carla Fitzgerald (Events Coordinator). Mrs. Alicia Bradshaw (Assistant Secretary) is not pictured.


The primary purpose of the Parent/Teacher Fellowship is to bring parents, administrators and teachers together to address educational concerns, offer suggestions for the school’s development, plan fundraisers, or have invited guests share on worthwhile topics.  At the discretion of the elected PTF President, meetings are usually held once per term, and all parents are encouraged to attend.


Although the administration of the school partners with the elected PTF body, it is not dictated to by, nor does it have to concede to demands made by elected officials.  Parents are urged to address problems directly with the school’s administration to bring about speedy resolutions to concerns, thereby ensuring a continuous and smooth flow of communication on the campus.

To learn more about our PTF, contact the school today.