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Temple Christian School Admissions

Want to know how to apply for admission to Temple Christian School? Read the information below to learn more about our admissions process and requirements.

Pre & Elementary School Division Admissions

Students are eligible for entrance into Temple Christian from the age of three, once they are fully potty trained and can communicate clearly.  Students entering K3 & K4 are not required to sit an entrance exam. 

All students seeking admission to grades K5 to Gr. 6 will be required to sit a grade level entrance exam.  There is a $26.88 testing fee for all entrance exams.  Students must be of average ability, as Temple Christian is not equipped to handle special students, slow learners, or emotionally disturbed children.



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High School Division Admissions

The entrance exam is a part of the admissions process. Administration sets the date for entrance exams for prospective students.
A fifty-three dollar and seventy-five cents ($53.75 inclusive of VAT) registration fee and a eighty dollar and sixty-three cents ($80.63 inclusive of VAT) seat fee are required of all new students. These fees also apply to students who may have withdrawn from the system and wish to re-enroll.


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