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Mr. Michael A. Davis - Director

Michael Davis is a System/Software Engineer and Network Regulatory Administrator (retired) in the field of telecommunications for forty plus years at The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd. (BTC).
An abbreviated synopsis of his body of work is as follows:-
Mr. Davis pioneered and/or spearheaded a cadre of national and international telecommunications initiatives, namely, as The Bahamas’ first Code Administrator procured its first national Area Code, 242, Pioneered the publication of the National Dialing Plan, The Bahamas Code Routing Guide and as BTC representative on the Number Portablility National Steering Committee, assisted with the deployment and commissioning of a large variety of revolutionary network systems including the 4G/LTE Cellular and the International Gateway Platforms.
A Spectrum Administrator of The Bahamas, Mr. Davis headed the regulatory oversight of all aspects of spectrum procurement, deployment and operations for BTC networks. He also pioneered the ratification and introduction of BTC’s first Operating Spectrum License - BTC’s technical liaison with all government departments and the national (URCA) and international regulator (United Nations - ITU) where he unilaterally represented The Bahamas at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, on ICT’s/Telecommunications matters.
Mr. Davis also headed the Traffic Engineering Department which has oversight of all national/international system network activities and provisioning requirements.
In 1978, Michael Davis embraced Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Saviour, making the BEST decision of his life and career and thereafter ventured into evangelism via establishing a tract, devotional and Bible ministry which continues today.
Michael Davis is a graduate of Aquinas College, the College of The Bahamas and a wide cadre of advanced educational institutions, namely, City and Guilds of London Institute (Electrical/Electronic Engineering, United Kingdom), International Telecommunications Union (United Nations, East/West Berlin, Germany), Telecomms Mini MBA, Trinidad & Tobago, InterConnect Comm. Spectrum/Numbering, Bath, England, Goulet Telecom International, Montreal, Canada, Cellular Dynamics USTTI, Washington DC/Dallas, Texas.
Mr. Davis and his wife Ingrid have been married for 33 years and are the parents of two children, Terah and Jamaal.
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