School News


11/16/2022 Ministry of Health & Wellness relaxes mask mandate for schools.
11/10/2022 TCS to resume normal classes after temporary storm-related closure
6/13/2022 Milo D. Mycklewhyte Appointed TCS Business Office Manager
6/9/2022 Charlene Rolle Passes Away
5/2/2022 Pritchard Demits Office
12/30/2021 January 2022 Reopening of School
9/7/2021 Temple Christian School mourns the loss of Mrs. Chandia Saunders
8/25/2021 Virtual School Opening
8/19/2021 2021-2022 Reopening of School
7/27/2021 Resumption of Elementary Book Sales
5/13/2021 Rose M. Pritchard Named TCS Business Office Manager
12/12/2020 TCS COVID-19 Virus Update IX: The 2021 Resumption of School
10/7/2020 TCS COVID-19 Virus Update VIII: Changes to Emergency Orders for New Providence and Abaco
8/11/2020 TCS COVID-19 Update VII - The 2020 Opening of School
7/16/2020 TCS COVID-19 Virus Update VI.
5/26/2020 End of High School e-Learning Platform
5/21/2020 TCS COVID-19 Virus Update V.
4/24/2020 RE: Payment of fees as a result of Emergency Order (COVID-19) 2020
4/9/2020 Notice of TCS operations - Easter
3/26/2020 TCS COVID 19 Virus Update IV
3/20/2020 TCS COVID-19 Virus Update III
3/16/2020 TCS COVID-19 Virus Update II
3/16/2020 TCS COVID-19 Virus Update I
3/4/2020 TCS Announces Search for New Business Office Manager
1/27/2020 2020-2021 TCS Scholarship Committee Accepting Applications, Deadline is February 28, 2020
1/15/2020 TCS First Entrance Examination 2019-2020
11/20/2019 TCS Expresses Condolence On Dr. Michael Duff Passing Away
9/23/2019 Changes to the School Calendar as a Result of Hurricane Dorian, Sep. 6, 2019 3:00 p.m.
9/8/2019 TCS appoints Theodora Fernander as Pre-school Vice-Principal
9/4/2019 Temple Christian School Mourns the Loss of Omar Archer
9/4/2019 Update #4 on Hurricane Dorian, Sep. 4, 2019 at 1:00PM
9/1/2019 Update #3 on Hurricane Dorian, Sep. 1, 2019 @ 7:00PM
8/31/2019 Update #2 on Hurricane Dorian, Aug. 31, 2019 at 1:00 PM
8/30/2019 Update #1 on Hurricane Dorian, Aug. 30, 2019 @ 2:00PM
7/22/2019 STAFF VACANCY Temple Christian School (2019 - 2020) PRE-SCHOOL VICE-PRINCIPAL
7/19/2019 TCS Official Announcement: Gina Ferguson
6/10/2019 Primary School Track and Field championships 2019
5/17/2019 High School Suns Shining Bright!
4/28/2019 Come Join Us At TEMP FEST 2019 (MAY 4th, 2019)
4/3/2019 Outstanding Elementary School Achievements
3/30/2019 Outstanding High School Achievements
2/7/2019 2019-2020 TCS Scholarship Committee Accepting Applications, Deadline is February 22
1/22/2019 Temple Christian School P.T.F Fun Walk
1/22/2019 Pre & Elementary School PTF General Meeting
1/3/2019 TCS First Entrance Examination 2019-2020
12/6/2018 TCS Christmas Holiday Schedule
12/6/2018 Temple Christian School Mourns the Sudden and Recent t Death of Mr. Brentford Isaacs
11/12/2018 P.T.F Movie Night - November 16th
10/12/2018 Notice: P.T.F. General Meeting [Tuesday, Oct 16th.]
8/22/2018 Notice of School Closure – Professional Development
2/23/2018 Upcoming Elementary School PTF Meeting
2/9/2018 TCS Second Entrance Examination 2018-2019
1/24/2018 Cedric Smith appointed as Business Office Manager
12/19/2017 2018-2019 scholarship committee accepting applications, deadline is February 23
12/19/2017 TCS Christmas Holiday Schedule
12/4/2017 Temple Christian Elementary School presents “The Christmas Dream Team Parade”
9/10/2017 Update #3 on Hurricane Irma, Sep. 10, 2017 1:00 p.m.
9/6/2017 Update #2 on Hurricane Irma, Sep. 6, 2017 6:00 a.m. 
9/4/2017 Update #1 on Hurricane Irma, Sep. 3, 2017 5:00 p.m.
7/31/2017 Administrator’s Office – Temporary Closure
5/15/2017 In memory of the late Eleanor Davis
5/2/2017 Notice of School Closure – General Elections
3/20/2017 Michael Duff conferred with Doctor of Management Studies Degree
3/9/2017 TCS appoints Heidi Rolle as Business Manager
3/2/2017 Join Tempfest 2017-Fun for The Family
2/13/2017 2017-2018 Scholarship committee accepting applications, deadline is February 25
1/8/2017 Calendar change – Majority Rule Day Holiday
12/5/2016 Elementary School Hosts Annual Christmas Production
11/23/2016 Perry R. Cunningham Appointed President of the BAISS
11/23/2016 Thanksgiving Service Announcement
10/18/2016 TCS Appoints Gina Ferguson as Pre-school Vice-Principal
10/14/2016 Temple Christian School post-hurricane Matthew update #3 (October 14th, 3:00PM)
10/12/2016 Temple Christian School post-hurricane Matthew update #2
10/12/2016 Temple Christian School post-hurricane Matthew update #2
10/12/2016 Temple Christian School post-hurricane Matthew update #2
10/3/2016 Monitoring Hurricane Matthew, Oct. 3rd
9/21/2016 Ethelyn Turnquest steps down as pre-school vice-principal
7/12/2016 Closing letter to parents
7/8/2016 Temple Christian School summer administrative hours
4/25/2016 Mrs.E. Kovatcheva represents The Bahamas
3/24/2016 TCS Easter Break Notice
3/7/2016 New TCS Teaching Positions
2/18/2016 School’s administrative offices close for mid-term break Feb 19 through Feb 22, 2016
2/18/2016 Condolences
2/9/2016 Temple Christian Students participate in B.A.I.S.S. Inter-School Spelling Competition 2016
2/9/2016 Temple Christian's Donte Armbrister represents Bahamas on 2016 Junior Davis Cup tennis team
2/9/2016 Temple Christian School hosts fourth annual food festival
1/22/2016 Weather alert: Pre-frontal trough
1/18/2016 Urgent Notice - Upper Elementary Parent Meeting Postponed
1/13/2016 2016-2017 Scholarship Committee Accepting Applications, Deadline is February 26
1/13/2016 Temple Christian High School entrance exam coming up soon
12/24/2015 Temple Christian School Holiday Hours
12/9/2015 TCES presents annual Christmas production
12/2/2015 Temple Christian Elementary School to Host Annual P.T.F. Fun Day and Steak Out
This Friday December 4th, 2015
12/1/2015 Aianthe Moss wins Elementary School Spelling Bee Competition
11/30/2015 Coach Nekeno Demeritte Represents The Bahamas At Jr Pan Am Championships
11/30/2015 TCES Boys and Girls Basketball Teams Win Basketball Tournament!
10/29/2015 TCS to Host all school walk-a-thon
10/22/2015 New executives elected to serve on Temple Christian High School’s PTF
10/22/2015 TCS welcomes new elementary school PTF executives
10/22/2015 Ekaterina Kovatcheva features in new watercolor exhibition at Doongalik Studios
10/22/2015 Temple Christian coach and student represent The Bahamas at CAC Age Group Championships
10/14/2015 Temple Christian School's House Renaming Competition
10/13/2015 Temple Christian's Ashley Neely represents Bahamas on National Soccer team
10/2/2015 TCS Closed Friday, Oct. 2, 2015
10/1/2015 Monitoring Hurricane Joaquin, Oct. 1
Weather Advisory Oct. 1, 2015
9/30/2015 Monitoring Tropical Storm Joaquin, Sep. 30
Weather Advisory Sep. 30, 2015
9/24/2015 Temple Christian's Destiny Gibson wins JOY FM jingle competition
Congratulations to Destiny on this achievement
9/24/2015 Melissa Pearson Conferred With Master Of Education Degree
Ms. Pearson earns Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Caribbean University
9/11/2015 TCS celebrates faculty excellence
Temple Christian recognizes eight faculty members
9/11/2015 Temple Christian welcomes new faculty
9/9/2015 TCS All School Convocation to Focus on Student Leadership and Faculty Excellence
Chairman of the Board Rev. Dr. Vaughan L. Cash to speak
8/28/2015 Weather Advisory II. On Tropical Storm Erika, August 28, 2015
School opening delayed due to tropical storm Erika.
6/16/2015 Chris Xu wins Water & Sewerage Video Competition
TCS 9th grader wins Wet & Wise competition
5/29/2015 Judah Lloyd places second in Primary School Student of the Year Competition
Temple Christian School congratulates Judah Lloyd
5/7/2015 Suns outshine hurricanes to win B.A.I.S.S. senior boys soccer championship!
Suns win on penalty kicks
5/6/2015 Interview with Coach Hines
"I feel excited for the win, and I'm sure the kids are excited too."
5/6/2015 Interview with Principal Cunningham
"Temple Christian Senior Boys played with a lot of heart."
5/5/2015 Interview with Marcel Joseph
"We felt [that] we should have put them away."
5/5/2015 Interview with Alistair
"In situations like that, players have to step up..."
5/5/2015 Interview with John Mareus
"We didn't want to repeat the past two years."
5/5/2015 Inteview with Elltin Hart
"We are very technical and good on the ball..."
5/5/2015 Interview with Kevin Miller
"I had God on my mind because I can do all things through him..."
5/5/2015 Kevin Miller kicks game winning goal
The Temple Christian High senior boys soccer team captured the 2015 BAISS championship, with a penalty kick from Kevin Miller securing the victory.
4/15/2015 TCES Boys basketball team wins third basketball tournament
Congratulations to TCES Boys and Girls basketball teams
4/15/2015 2015-2016 Scholarship Committee Accepting Applications
Application Deadline is April 30
4/15/2015 Suns top Comets 2-0 to advance to BA.I.S.S. senior boys soccer championship game
Support our boys in the championship game April 21st
4/1/2015 TCS Easter Holiday Schedule
1/19/2015 Principal Cunningham Appointed to ASCI Florida/Caribbean Region Council
Principal of Temple Christian High School recently appointed as the new District 8 Representative
1/19/2015 In memory of the late Mrs. Latrice Bain
TCS pays homage to Mrs. Latrice Bain
11/20/2014 TCHS becomes an official ACT test site
Temple Christian international testing center for the ACT
11/20/2014 Principal Cunningham Appointed to Executive Board of the BAISS
TCS congratulates Mr. Cunningham on being appointed Vice President of the BAISS
11/11/2014 TCES Boys Basketball Team Wins Fifth Annual Classic
11/11/2014 TCHS Hosts Annual Walk-a-thon and Health Program
11/3/2014 TCES Hosts Annual P.T.F. Fun Day and Steak Out
Raising funds for school development
11/3/2014 Suns to Defend Title in 5th Annual Basketball Tournament
10/29/2014 Sixth Grade students tour TCHS campus
10/28/2014 Temple Christian honors students for academic success
Annual Honor Roll Ceremony
10/28/2014 TCS Hosts ACSI Bahamas' Fall District Administrator Meeting
10/16/2014 TCHS Honors Chapel
October 22, 2014 at 9:00 am
10/16/2014 TCHS PTF Meeting
October 23, 2014 at 6:00 pm
10/16/2014 TCES 3rd Annual Basketball Tournament
October 27 - 31, 2014
10/1/2014 TCS Elementary Prefect Installation
October 3. 2014
9/4/2014 Director of Education speaks on the new National High School Diploma Program
9/3/2014 Temple Christian announces new Dean of Students
TCS is pleased to announce Mr. Kevin Armbrister as Dean of Students
9/3/2014 New Administrator appointed at Temple Christian School
TCS announces Dr. Samuel Rutherford as Administrator
8/26/2014 Teaching Positions Available
Temple Christian is hiring for the 2014-2015 school year
4/1/2014 Congratulations to Kirshon Smith
Kirshon is the winner of IAAF Relays Mascot Competition
12/5/2013 TCS Congratulates Dean of Students
Dr. Rutherford recently completed his Ph. D
9/24/2013 Student Handbook Available for Download
Everything you need to know about TCS at your fingertips
9/12/2013 Temple Christian High Appoints New Dean of Students
Samuel Rutherford announced as New Dean of Students
9/11/2013 Temple Christian Scholarship Policy (Updated)
Temple Christian Scholarship Requirements
8/9/2013 Faculty & Staff Orientation
TCS Annual Faculty & Staff Orientation Monday August 26
7/30/2013 Back to School 2013-2014
Back to School news and information for the 2013-2014 Academic Year at Temple Christian
7/30/2013 Temple Christian High School Appoints New Vice Principal
Mr. Francis Kerkulah appointed as Vice Principal of TC High
5/21/2013 2012-2013 End of School Year News & Notes
2012-2013 End of Year Letter to Parents
4/23/2013 Temple Christian Transcript Request Form (Updated)
Download Updated TC Transcript Request Form
1/29/2013 Former TCH Student Gives Back to Her Alma Mater
Alumnus Gia Burrows Donates Computers to Temple Christian High
1/8/2013 Temple Christian High School Entrance Exam
TC High School Entrance Exam Saturday February 2nd
1/3/2013 TCH Graduate Wins Top Prize at National Arts Festival
Nowe Harris-Smith wins top prize in "Open Art Category in Painting"
12/11/2012 TC High Welcomes New Principal
Mr. Perry Cunningham Officially Announced as TC High Principal
12/3/2012 Embassy Courtesy Call
TC High Students Visits U.S. Embassy on Courtesy Call
11/28/2012 Temple Christian High Student Dominates National Speech Competition
Temple Christian High Student Dominates National Speech Competition
11/28/2012 TCS Representing at Christmas Tree Lighting
TCS Representing at Christmas Tree Lighting
9/3/2012 Back to School 2012
Temple Christian welcomes its new and returning students, faculty and staff to another year of excellence.
3/27/2012 TCS Launches New Website
Temple Christian is proud to announce the launch of our website.