Temple Christian Students participate in B.A.I.S.S. Inter-School Spelling Competition 2016 2/9/2016


TEMPLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL SPELLING COMPETITORS. Pictured from left to right are Alyssa Smith (grade 8) and Aianthe Moss (Grade 5). (Photo by Mrs. Sharmaine Porter, elementary school principal)
Aianthe Moss and Alyssa Smith,

Temple Christian School fifth and eighth grade students respectively, recently participated in the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools (B.A.I.S.S) Inter-School Spelling Competition held last Thursday, January 28, 2016. Participation in the national spelling bee competition was open to fourth through eighth grade students. Moss and Smith won the right to represent Temple Christian School by winning the competitions at the elementary and high school campuses respectively.

Aianthe placed sixth out of twenty-two students. She noted that “it was fun to compete with others…with high school.” In preparation for the competition, recounted that I had to go over words, and if I got the word wrong, I would come back to it after I finished spelling other words, and then I would write it on a piece of paper 3 or 4 times.” She described how her uncle and grandmother assisted her with her preparations in this, her first spelling bee competition, and was quick to indicate that she would be willing to participate again in the future. Aianthe was also keen to encourage other students to participate in the bee because, in her words, “it’s an opportunity that they can enjoy.”

We are also pleased to acknowledge the hard work of our faculty members, who helped the students in their preparations for the bee, including Mrs. Serena Hepburn (grade 4), Miss Shanique Thurston (grade 4), Mrs. Vanessa Miller (grade 5), and Mrs. Claudette Thompson (head of language arts, high school). Although they did not win the B.A.I.S.S. competition, we are extremely proud of both our students and our faculty, as they represented Temple Christian School in an exemplary manner. Well done!