TCES Boys and Girls Basketball Teams Win Basketball Tournament! 11/30/2015

Temple Christian School congratulates coach Nekeno Demeritte and the Temple Christian Elementary School boys and girls basketball teams who placed first in the School’s Annual Basketball Tournament. For the fourth consecutive year running, the Temple Christian Suns boys basketball team have won the tournament.

Temple Christian Boys A along with Coach Nekeno Demeritte (right).


This year, Temple Christian School entered two boys teams, A and B, along with a girls team. Coach of the teams, Mr. Nekeno Demeritte, indicated that he was not surprised by the performance of the girls or boys this year. He noted, “we should have had one of the best teams, especially with the addition of Denika Lightbourne (new to basketball). She brought ball handling skills, court vision, basketball smarts, and defense - as if she had been doing this for years. Last year I had her work with us for a few times, and she came to camp in the summer, where she just took off.”

Mr. Nekeno Demeritte, (left), and Girls Most Valuable Player, Gabrielle Mackey (right).

As for the boys, Coach Demeritte explained, “I expected the boys to be in the championship game based on a number of additions [to the team] such as Jaivon Jules [who] had a nose for the ball, and coming up with loose balls, and Lawren Neymour. Of course, the boys that returned from last year such as MVP Justin Burrows and Theon Missick [played a big role in our success too].”

Temple Christian Boys B along with Coach Nekeno Demeritte (right).

We are very proud of both of our teams, and look forward to seeing them excel both academically and athletically in the future. Go Suns!