Temple Christian's Destiny Gibson wins JOY FM jingle competition 9/24/2015 Congratulations to Destiny on this achievement


Destiny Gibson, a fifth grade student at Temple Christian Elementary School, recently won the elementary category of the Joy FM Jingle for Joy Competition.

When interviewed live on Joy FM, she was asked about what she would like to say to encourage other young people out there who might not have won. She said, “I’d like to say to all of the young people out there that no matter how young you are, you’re never too young to pursue your dreams.”


Mrs. Gibson, Destiny’s mother, was also asked to speak about how she managed her daughter’s talent. She said, “I remember when Destiny said that she wanted to enter the Jingle Contest. I knew she was good at writing. She likes to write poems. She wrote every word of the jingle all on her own. When she said she wanted to enter, I said, ‘Write it out and let me see what you have to offer because I felt you know….you’re not going to send any rubbish in out there.’ She actually went into her room - it was on a Sunday afternoon - and when she came out, less than 20 minutes later she had that entire jingle completed. There was one line that I did not take to, and I told her to change it…and she did it. She did her own music beat to it and she actually produced her own video that was entered. She did everything on my laptop. She was always behind me to catch the deadline, and so she did everything on her own. I did not put one word in that jingle…she did it by herself.”


We are very proud of Destiny for her accomplishments, and wish her every success in her future endeavors.