Interview with Principal Cunningham 5/6/2015 "Temple Christian Senior Boys played with a lot of heart."


Rev. Perry R. Cunningham, principal of Temple Christian High School, spoke from his office at Temple Christian High School the day after winning the B.A.I.S.S. senior boys championship after. Principal Cunningham stated that the game was dynamic, fascinating, and well fought. “Both schools [were] well coached. It was a game that had you very much engaged to the very last end. Temple Christian Senior Boys played with a lot of heart. There were times when several players had to come off the field because of pulled muscles or cramps and as soon as they got back, they went back on the field and played their heart out. I am extremely proud of our boys, extremely proud of our school. It was a game without incident - a game where both schools recognized the talent and the effort of each other, and we have to be grateful to almighty God that what we have deposited into our young people in terms of values and sportsmanship was demonstrated on the field yesterday.”

What does this say about the quality of the sporting programs at Temple Christian School?
If you look at the soccer program that we have here, it says a lot in terms of, we have two coaches in the persons of Coach Lenny and Coach Adderley who worked very hard. They poured extra into the lives of these young men in doing things such as providing special programs [such as] a motivational time with the boys with a luncheon yesterday here at the school. This goes beyond even what is expected of them in terms of coaching our team, and they are prepared to help and work with the school in terms of having the boys to do well in their academics and as principal, I am very, very appreciative of that – that they have an interest in the overall growth and development of the school, and not just the sports. And, it is our hope that the level of determination that we were glad to see yesterday will be transferred into other areas of their lives such as their BGCSE examinations. We believe that winning the game promotes school spirit. The children positively responded to that yesterday as well as this morning. We see that our program in soccer will move from strength to strength. It could very well be that we have some new students who are talented in this area that want to join the Temple Christian High School soccer program. And I think this will have some impact also on the other sporting programs [such as] basketball or volleyball. We expect great things to come out of this for the future.”