Interview with Coach Hines 5/6/2015 "I feel excited for the win, and I'm sure the kids are excited too."



Coach Lenford Hines spoke at Temple Christian High School on the day following the Suns senior boys championship win. The coach declared that “the game was a tense game. I said, ‘Players, this is the last chance we have, and we’re gonna do it.’ The day before, we were working on some penalties, and obviously those guys that kicked the penalties were the guys that were present to practice. Those guys were the ones that really carried it out. It’s a good thing. I feel excited for the win, and I'm sure the kids are excited too.

Your keeper made 2 big saves in a penalty shootout. What did you think?
“I made sure I said, ‘Guy, whatever you do …. just keep your eyes on the ball, and keep moving and distracting them, so they will watch your movements, and you will watch the ball.’ So he did it, and I’m proud of him.”


What are your thoughts about Kevin Miller, the unsung hero?
Well, Kevin is one guy that I’m always on him because I know he can do better than what he always did. I don’t know if he said [to himself] that ‘I need to get serious and do it,’ [but] it happened. And I’m proud of him.”