Interview with Kevin Miller 5/5/2015 "I had God on my mind because I can do all things through him..."



Kevin Miller scored the winning goal in the penalty shootout between the Suns and the Hurricanes . The 11th grade forward shared his thoughts on his side’s elusive championship win. “We went there to accomplish something. We tried our best to do what we went there to do [which was] come out with the victory. My teammates and I are proud.”

Assess your performance.
“At first, I feel like I was lagging. I wasn’t playing to my best ability, but after a while, I started getting back into the game, and I started reaching my optimum potential.”

What was going through your mind during the penalties?
I had God on my mind because I can do all things through him and the team was just behind me. I couldn’t miss that penalty because if I missed the penalty that would cost the team. Everybody wanted it so bad and God really knows how much we really wanted to win that championship so I just went there and said I have to score this for the team, and for the school.


Tell us about your thoughts when the ball went in.
“I realized the ball was going in when I saw the goalie dive to the left and I aimed for the right…and when the ball went into the back of the net I spun around and broke off running and when I looked, I saw [people from] the bleachers and the teams running towards me and I was like, ‘Whoa! We did it! We did it!’”