Inteview with Elltin Hart 5/5/2015 "We are very technical and good on the ball..."



Elltin Hart played a key role in the center of the Suns defense in the win over St. Andrews. The 12th grader summed up the game as follows: “It was a tough game. We had to be focused mentally and be ready physically. There was a lot of contact in the game. We had to keep our heads in the game, play strong, and play like a man. From my position holding the back like, I had to be able to push my team, talk to my players, encourage them so that they continue to work hard and play fair.”

Did it surprise you that the hurricanes played so defensively?
“Knowing the capability of our team, we are very technical and good on the ball [and] so I was not surprised. I really don’t blame [the hurricanes for playing defensively]. We just had to do what we had to do and we came out victorious.”

What did you think about the penalties?
“I thought that they were well taken penalties, even though one of our players couldn’t reach the back of the net.”