Interview with John Mareus 5/5/2015 "We didn't want to repeat the past two years."




Captain John Mareus played a lively game in attack for the Suns, and offered his analysis of the encounter. “Well, we went out there to play to win, so I mean it was a tough game but we came through. At one point in time I thought we were going to lose the game but we had to keep our heads strong. Three years in a row - we had to fight for it. Everybody wanted it. We went out there and we played.”

How does it feel after the third consecutive finals appearance to actually win the championship?

"We didn't want to repeat the past two years [of failing to win the championship]. It was hard throughout the past 2 years.

Did the maturity of the players taking the penalties surprise you?
Yeah I was - especially Kevin. You know I didn’t have much faith in Kevin but he went up and he did what he had to do and Jue-Henri and everybody. Oh wow! I was impressed!”