Interview with Alistair 5/5/2015 "In situations like that, players have to step up..."




Alistair, who made two crucial saves in a penalty shootout, was pivotal in the win over the hurricanes. The goalkeeper highlighted the work of his team-mates after claiming the championship after their third successive try. “It was a nice game. I liked the effort from my team. I think it could have been better. I mean we had to go down to a penalty shootout but it was a hard worked game.”


Talk about your response to the pressure on you during the penalty shootout.

In situations like that, players have to step up and and really do what they have to do to help the team win.“

You made 2 penalty saves in the shootout. What enabled you to make those saves?
“I put everything to God. I can’t think of anything else but God and my school for giving me the energy and the motivation.”


You not only made 2 saves, but also scored a goal in the penalty shootout. Comment on that.
That was my first [time taking a penalty in a] penalty shootout.” “[Winning the championship] feels amazing. There’s no better feeling than this.”