Interview with Marcel Joseph 5/5/2015 "We felt [that] we should have put them away."




Marcel Joseph played in central midfield in the win over St. Andrews and shared his thoughts on his side’s championship victory. “It was a pretty tough game. They played like…7 in the back so it was really hard to break them down. We kept in the game, and pulled it off. It was a game where like…faith was involved because we put a lot of confidence in the not-so-good players on the team and they delivered.”

How does it feel after the third consecutive final appearance to actually win the championship?
“What! There’s no better feeling. I cried last night. It was just…it was amazing like…I’ve been to the championship before but this one was just amazing.”


Was 0-0 a fair result?
“St. Andrews were trying to make it to penalties so to them it was a fair result…to us,


Advice to next year’s players
“We already spoke to them and told them hey this is not the end…just because we’re leaving…that doesn’t mean that they can’t build up a team because…we built the team to get there…and they can build a team too.”