Sixth Grade students tour TCHS campus 10/29/2014


Mr. Francis Kerkulah , Vice Principal of Temple Christian High School, is pictured addressing sixth graders from our elementary school as part of their tour on October 14.


Eighty-five students from Temple Christian Elementary School visited Temple Christian High School on Tuesday, October 14, 2014. The sixth graders were accompanied by their teachers Mr. Deveaux, Mrs. Edmond, and Mrs. Ferguson. The group was addressed by the principal of the high school, Mr. Perry Cunningham, and the vice-principal of the high school, Mr. Francis Kerkulah, as well as a number of faculty members and students representing various sections of the campus community.

“The main purpose of the tour”, said Mr. Cunningham, “is to give students an exposure to life at the high school. We introduce them to the total curriculum, including the required subjects and electives so that they have an idea of what to expect. They were also introduced to the campus as a whole and what we offered. They also experienced chapel services. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Clark (guidance counselors) gave an orientation on what to expect at high school. The students engaged in interactive sessions with both teachers and students. They experienced a day in high school.”