Director of Education speaks on the new National High School Diploma Program 9/4/2014


On Wednesday August 27, 2014, the Director of Education in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Lionel Sands was the guest speaker at the Teachers’ Orientation Week session. In what proved to be an enlightening session, Mr. Sands apprised the group of the institution of the up-coming National High School Diploma Program.


The Director explained that there was a need for a standardized national high school diploma. This, he explained, was mandatory for Government Schools and optional for privately operated schools. He expressed his delight that Temple Christian High School had opted to be a part of the initiative.


It was startling to learn that 50% of high school students are failing and that 25% of students who had met graduation criteria are below the Ninth Grade literacy rate. “Thus,” he concluded, “The National High School Diploma will serve to restore confidence in the Bahamian Educational System.”

In order to receive a National High School Diploma, students:

Each student is required to do the core subjects; Mathematics, English Language, Science, Social Science, Health and Fitness as well as Civics/ Bahamian History which is a new addition to the curriculum.


Students are expected to complete a minimum of 38 hours on the core subjects.


In addition to core courses, there will be “Path-way Courses” which will be geared at the individual students’ intended post-secondary path. These courses will be geared at:

The path-way courses are inclusive of, but not limited to, agricultural science, applied science, auto mechanics, business studies and cosmetology.


Each subject will have a special code and the curriculum has been reviewed and revised where necessary.  Mr. Sands sees the education of students as a priority therefore, to ensure that each student is given adequate assistance to achieve success; evening Institutes will come on stream. The cost of this will be covered by the Ministry of Education and students in private schools would be allowed to attend these institutes if they so desire.

June 2017 will see the first set of students graduating with National High School Diplomas. Like any new system, there will be “birthing pains” but the overall consensus is that it is a great initiative which in due time will prove profitable to our educational system.


Photo:  Ministry of Education, Science and Technology