Michael Duff conferred with Doctor of Management Studies Degree 3/20/2017


Dr. Michael Duff, recipient of the Doctor of Management Studies degree from the Indian School of Business Management and Administration. (Photo by Mr. Howard Brown)


Congratulations are extended to Dr. Michael Duff, coordinator of the business department at Temple Christian High School, who was recently conferred with the Doctor of Management Studies degree. Dr. Duff completed his program of study at the Indian School of Business Management and Administration on September 12, 2016.


We took the time to speak with Dr. Duff about this significant achievement, and asked him to share his thoughts.

What was your course of study and what was it like?

“I started [the Doctor of Management Studies], three and a half years ago, at the Indian School of Business Management and Administration which is now ISBM University. The demands for the thesis were quite rigid, and the program was very demanding – that’s why it took me three and a half years (laughter) but at the end of it all, I felt I had accomplished something. There was a time I thought of quitting - because you know … with all the things I’m involved in, teaching, etc. - I found that especially with the thesis, I found that at one point I was under a lot of strain. To put together 300+ pages - I’m not the best typist in the world - it was pretty tough. But I prayed about it and ironically after I prayed, I got a new strength and determination. So I used to go to bed around 12, get back up at 3 and work again until 6 in the morning.”

Tell us a little about your thesis.

Dr. Duff titled his thesis “The impact of mobile technology on employee productivity.” In his research, he examined the positive and negative impacts of the use of technology in various sectors such as banking, education and law enforcement. And, while the study was essentially a Bahamian study, his research included references to other regions of the world including India, Pakistan, Kenya, the United States, and the Caribbean.

How do you anticipate that your newly acquired knowledge will impact your practice as an educational professional?

“It will help me a lot because I am essentially now a business lecturer. It is always important to advance your knowledge base, especially with the changing times we’re living in, where knowledge is not one-dimensional. There are so many new perspectives on knowledge. Every day a lot of the things I encountered in my research were fascinating and unexpected. So I think that the new me would be more abreast of what is happening in my field, and I can therefore make a better contribution to the students in terms of the new world we’re living in - the world of technology. And so, I am pretty pleased that I can be of service to my students at a higher level.”

Professionally, do you feel a difference from before you started your degree compared with now?

“Yes, because it has shown me that, in terms of drive, one can find enough drive even in situations that are very difficult because as I said, my work demands are heavy basically and, as I said, at one point I wanted to quit (smile). But I’ve discovered a new strength that, if you pray, especially prayer - prayer is a wonderful thing - and if you really are determined that you can accomplish anything over a period of time.”

Having gone through this process, what would you say to a young person who may wish to pursue a doctoral degree?

“It’s a lot of work…a lot of sacrifice…. a lot of commitment… a lot of determination all these things are required. But, it is not impossible, and the younger you start, the easier it is because you don’t have family commitments and all these things and once you have a lot of commitments, it becomes a challenge but it is not a challenge that a young person cannot overcome. In fact, young people, many young people have acquired their doctorates and, many young people right now are pursuing doctorates. Young people are the future of the Bahamas.”

We are very proud of Dr. Duff’s attainment of his terminal degree, and wish him the very best as he now applies his expertise both in his own classes and within those of the wider school community.