TCS appoints Heidi Rolle as Business Manager 3/9/2017



Temple Christian School is pleased to announce that Ms. Heidi Rolle has been selected to serve as our new Business Manager, effective Tuesday, January 3, 2017.


Heidi is an experienced internal income auditor with years of practice in both the private and public sectors.  Moreover, Ms. Rolle has functioned as a grants administrator tasked with financial reporting and the disbursement of funding.


Ms. Rolle feels that her background is well-suited to the requirements of the Business Manager at Temple Christian School.  When asked about why she chose to work at Temple Christian School, she indicated that “I saw where my skills would have been utilized in detail here, and I have a lot of experience and background in various capacities in various jobs.  From a people’s perspective, I have acquired skills through working in the tourism and insurance industries [that enhance my ability to do my job].” 


Having been currently been in the position for nearly 2 months, Ms. Rolle was prompted about how she is finding her new position.  She stated, “I am enjoying it.  It’s very challenging because the scope of the work is very comprehensive.  It calls for more than one hat, and it calls for [the utilization of] people skills because I deal with a lot of parents who may be upset at some things that the school has to enforce but you have to keep a strong head and you also have to be accommodating and approachable.  I think that because of my training and background, I bring a more rounded way of doing things as far as managing the areas concerned as well as dealing with our customers who are our parents.” 


We are pleased to be able to benefit from Ms. Rolle’s wealth of financial management experience, and we look forward to drawing from her comprehensive background to further enhance the provision of financial services within the Temple Christian School community.