Perry R. Cunningham Appointed President of the BAISS 11/23/2016


TEMPLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL PRINCIPAL. Mr. Perry R. Cunningham (right), newly appointed BAISS president, presents an award to Keandra Munroe (left) of grade 8 for her participation in the Kingdor Parkinsons Foundation’s Speech Competition. Munroe and Trevanna Rolle (also in grade 8) are both finalists in the competition, which will be held on Sunday, November 27, 2016. (Photo by Mr. Howard Brown, yearbook editor)


Temple Christian School is excited to announce that Mr. Perry R. Cunningham, Principal of Temple Christian High School for the past three years, was recently appointed to the post of President of the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools (BAISS).

Operating in his new role as president, Mr. Cunningham will operate at the forefront of developments in education in the Bahamas. Mr. Cunningham recognizes that, as the premier body for independent secondary schools in the Bahamas, the BAISS organization is a highly desirable entity, entry into which many schools aspire. His guardianship of the standard for the organization stands as a testament to the high quality of leadership he brings not only to the presidency of such an auspicious body, but also to the principalship of Temple Christian High School.

We celebrate this achievement with Mr. Cunningham, and support him fully in his leadership journey within both Temple Christian School and the BAISS.