Ethelyn Turnquest steps down as pre-school vice-principal 9/21/2016

This past summer, Temple Christian pre-school vice-principal, Mrs. Ethelyn Turnquest announced she would step down effective August 16, 2016.

For Temple Christian School, this is a time of thanks and recognition. Not only has one of the best vice-principals in our school left, but also the longest serving employee in the history of the school has moved on to a new stage in her personal life.

For all of us, this goodbye evokes numerous sensations and memories charged with joy, hope for the future, sacrifice, strength and triumph. Ethelyn Turnquest has made our crest even greater. She has been a leader and has forged her legend here since she arrived as a pre-school teacher in 1981.

Our school is 35 years old, and Mrs. Turnquest has led our preschool for 30 of those years. During that time, she became one of our finest leaders and won the respect, affection, admiration and love of students, parents, teachers, and administrators.


Her contributions to the development of our pre-school program are an important part of her legacy, but there is much, much more. And while her service was loyal and impressive, she was a source of pride to the entire Suns academic community. Ethelyn has left, but her legacy is here forever. Her attitude and actions for the more than 6,000 days she committed to this organization shine a light on the path for those who dream of being a part of this school.

Thank you Ethelyn, for everything you have done. Thank you for being a symbol of the best in our history. You have left, but we will never forget that you'll always belong to the heart of Temple Christian School.