Temple Christian School hosts fourth annual food festival 2/9/2016


TEMPLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FOOD FEST PARTICIPANTS. Pictured from left to right at the Bahamian table are 12th graders Perrinique Charlton, Patrell Smith, Antanae Taylor, and Michelle Mackey. (Photo by Dr. Samuel L. Rutherford)

On Thursday, February 4, 2016, the Temple Christian High School Culinary Club held its 4th annual food fest at its Shirley Street campus. According to club coordinator Mrs. Melissa Pearson, “the focus of the event was really to raise funds for the Food & Nutrition lab, to equip the department, and to purchase necessary tools and equipment that will be needed by students in the classroom to make learning more effective. We also use it as a project which will help students to work as a team, and to pool their resources to build school spirit, which we did because students were very excited to be a part of it.” She was particularly pleased with the levels of staff support which has been ongoing over the years.

TEMPLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FOOD FEST PARTICIPANTS. Pictured from left to right at the Guyana table are 12th graders Fedricka Dolce and Maryann Uba. (Photo by Dr. Samuel L. Rutherford)
Senior Culinary Club member Jada Sweeting indicated that “this event is sponsored by Mrs. Pearson and most of the 12th graders. We raise money for the new fridge and stove that we got, a projector, and we’re getting money for utensils to upgrade the kitchen and next year we’re raising money towards cupboards [and] so from this year on, we’ll be doing smaller events to raise money to get new kitchen cupboards and other items.”


Jada also noted that, “As of right now, we have [many] Culinary Club members. We still have members in grade 10 that have just joined, but weren’t able to fund this event. They have a lot of ideas that we are taking into consideration because the kitchen is very expensive and so we’re trying to raise money wherever we can.”


TEMPLE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FOOD FEST PARTICIPANTS. Pictured from left to right (foreground) are Kirschtin Ferguson and Mrs. Shantell Ferguson, TCHS P.T.F. President. (Photo by Dr. Samuel L. Rutherford)

Temple Christian School would like to thank parents for their support, and to acknowledge the hard work of our faculty members, who helped the students in their preparations for the food fest, including Mrs. Melissa Pearson, Coach Nigel Smith, Miss Keisha Williams, Coach Lenford Hines, and Mrs. Rosemarie Miller-Thomas. One of the core values of Temple Christian School is cultural sensitivity. Therefore, we pleased that the Culinary Club has and continues to play a leading role in exposing our school community to a variety of Bahamian, Caribbean, American, and European cuisines.