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Temple Christian High School is a private, non-denominational evangelical school which was founded as a non-profit ministry of Evangelistic Temple Assembly of God. Nestled comfortably and majestically in a secluded section of Shirley Street and the Twynam residential community, it offers classes from grades seven to twelve. The student population is just under 500, and classes in all sections of the school are sufficiently small for students’ needs to be individually identified and addressed.



Striving For Excellence


At Temple Christian High, we believe that obtaining a high-quality education is important for our students. In addition to pursuing excellence in academics, we also encourage spiritual growth as well as excellence in sports and the visual and performing arts. As a result, students have stamped their presence on the national landscape over the years. When all is said and done, one of the hallmarks of our school is the continual striving for academic and spiritual excellence so that our students can become positive, exemplary contributors to our Bahamian society.

About Us


Temple Christian High School is governed by a Board of Directors under the Chairmanship of Rev. Dr. Vaughan L. Cash, senior pastor of Evangelistic Temple. The school's principle is Mr. Perry Cunningham.


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