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Tavaris Adderley

My name is Tavaris W. Adderley. My journey with Temple Christian Pre & Elementary School beganwhen I became a student of K5 in 1992. My most memorable experience occurred when I was in grade three with my third grade teacher. She was a great teacher as I learned a lot from her. She always made sure we knew what the consequences were for anyone who refused to obey school and class rules. To this day I believe that during that year she set and still holds the record for the most mass spankings in the history of elementary education. But overall, my elementary years were interesting and enjoyable ones.

Graduating from grade six ,I moved on to Temple Christian High where I successfully completed my 12th grade studies and served as a prefect and the Student Council President. My journey ended when I graduated in the top 5 of my class with honors, having earned the third highest GPA.

Upon graduation, I spent a year and a half at The College of The Bahamas, and then I enrolled in SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx, New Yorkin August 2007. I graduated May 2011 with Distinction, obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Marine Engineering.

While at SUNY, I was a member of the following Clubs and Teams:

  • The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers; 

  • The Culture Club;
  • The Society of Bahamian Merchant Mariners (a member from 2007 – 2011 and Club President and Representative from 2009– 2011);
  • The Men’s Varsity Crew Team;
  • The Men’s Volleyball Team;and
  • The Men’s Varsity Basketball Team (Division III).

I also received the following Certificates:

  • 3rd Assistant Engineering License (OICEW for unlimited tonnage - Steam and Motor)
  • Refrigeration Systems Operator; and
  • EPA Universal Technician

I am currently employed with Campbell Shipping Co. Ltd. and in pursuit of becoming one of the first Bahamian Chief Engineers registered under The Bahamas Maritime Authority.


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